Sunday, November 22, 2009


Welcome to Stuff Grandma Made!!

Our Grandmothers were purdy darn smart!
They were thrifty,
They were great cooks,
They were resourceful,
They sprinkled everything with love,

They didn't run out and buy prepared foods! They actually baked and cooked from scratch!

They didn't have 30 different chemicals under their kitchen sinks...
But no ones house was cleaner!

They could sew.
They could can.
They could make even the simplest tasks special.

Lets remember these special ladies....
Lets keep their traditions and way of life going!

Who Knows? We may just learn something!


Jan said...

Dana, I love this idea. I look forward to seeing this blog bloom.

Albert einstien said...

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Jade Graham said...

They actually baked and cooked from scratch! click here

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